Empire Maintenance
     Professional Cleaning Services
     Empire Maintenance has been trusted by companies and organizations throughout the Tri-state area to provide efficient and
     meticulous professional cleaning services. Empire Maintenance provides janitorial services, office maintenance, construction clean-up
     and floor care. Our number one priority is to surpass our clients' expectations. We have a fully trained cleaning staff that will
     provide safe and efficient services that will meet your cleaning specifications. Our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning
     is second only to our attention to detail. For your convenience, we can provide services during the day and evening.
     General Commercial and Office Cleaning     
     In addition to keeping your facilities immaculately clean, Empire Maintenance staff will target areas that require special attention,
     including the more uncommon areas. Our professional commercial office cleaning services include everything involved in making
     a facility presentable. We will customize a maintenance package that will meet your requirements and ensure your facility is in
     optimum condition. Our services include, but is not limited to:
  •          • Vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and sweeping floors
         • Dusting horizontal and vertical surfaces
         • Cleaning and sanitizing all areas of washrooms
         • Cleaning vents
         • Disinfecting common surfaces such as telephones and light switches
         • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, counter tops, microwaves, toasters, ovens and refrigerators
         • Light fixture cleaning
         • Washing windows
         • Cleaning blinds
         • Carpet Care
     Post Construction Clean-up
     Empire Maintenance provides excellent post-construction cleaning services. We will thoroughly clean after construction projects
     or in between construction stages. Services we can provide include top to bottom, detailed cleaning. Post construction clean-up
     services will be provided according to required specifications and highest standards. We will ensure the construction is 100%
     clean prior to turnover of our clients' business operations. Empire Maintenance has the capacity to effectively clean buildings
     and facilities of any size on schedule and on budget. Post construction clean-up includes, but is not limited to:
         • High Dusting
         • Cleaning Walls, Doors, Shelving, Fixtures
         • Window Cleaning
         • Floor Care, Floor Stripping Waxing, Floor Sealing Services
         • Polishing
         • Glass Cleaning
         • High Detailing Fixtures and Furnishings
         • Cleaning Detailing Exterior Entrances
         • Specialty Cleaning Services
     Shampooing and Cleaning Carpets
     For most of us, the majority of our working day is spent inside. It's vital to have clean air to breath, but dirty carpets are a
     major threat to our air quality. They contribute to allergies and illness, as well as weaken immune systems. Shampooing and
     cleaning carpets on a regular basis not only eliminates dust and other dirt, but can also provide their longevity.
     Floor Care Services
     Empire Maintenance provides the best floor care services and maintenance programs to a diverse range of clients. All
     floors need to be regularly mopped, scrubbed, waxed, polished, buffed and refinished dependent on traffic and use. Floor
     care is highly recommended on a regular basis for hygienic purposes as well as proper business image. Empire Maintenance
     has the best cleaning solutions for the toughest floors. We specialize in the cleaning and management of all flooring including
     carpet, tiles, hardwood, vinyl tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete, rubber padded and ceramic. Services are preformed though
     auto-scrubbing, high speed buffing, stripping and waxing, deep cleaning and floor finishing. Our maintenance programs are
     professional and systematic in providing our clients with superior finish and cleanliness for their flooring needs. Leave it to
     Empire Maintenance to restore your carpet, wood, stone, marble and tiles flooring to its original condition.
     Green Cleaning
     Several cleaning agents are extremely toxic to the health of our environment. They are unnecessarily harsh and can be extremely
     dangerous to the people exposed to them. Empire Maintenance is committed to using only the environmentally friendliest cleaning
     products available. Our daily-use products have been extensively researched and tested to be as effective, or even more so, as
     their toxic counterparts. Using environmentally friendly products also protect the health of our clients and employees as
     ingredients are far less harmful.
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